A path to purpose and prosperity

The Intentional Business

This is written for anyone who has sat around a board table, a leadership table, or a conference table and wondered why we have to play by this set of rules we inherited. 

For anyone who looked at the faces they were building with and are curious about how in the heck they got here. For anyone brave enough to listen to their bones crying out for a different way or a new path for doing business that values more than growth for the sake of growth alone.

This book is for you, the female entrepreneur, who has been unheard, marginalized and unfunded. Yet, you still persist with a vision for a business that can create right living for yourselves and your family. Where your business itself is aligned with your values, where your time and energy is well-spent and also gives back to the community it serves.

Are you an empowered impact entrepreneur?

Do you want to be more intentional with your business and how it relates to your own community and customer?

Join the conversation so we can learn to be more Intentional Together.

This book is meant to be savored. Its pages are meant to inspire contemplation and self reflection. We believe we each have our own inner wisdom and that all answers lie within if we are brave and patient enough to ask and listen.

"This is the book my business was craving. I love how Molly’s advice weaves together Nature’s principles, a spiritual knowing, and simple, practical advice that helps business owners, like me, become more intentional with each decision. If you’re ready to honor your soul’s purpose in your business, this is the book for you!"